Blood Brothers #91: Should Muslims support Andrew Tate?

In this exclusive episode of the Blood Brothers Podcast, Dilly Hussain speaks with former MMA fighter, actor, entrepreneur, and the owner of TK MMA Gym in Dubai, Tam Khan, who is also a close friend of the controversial influencer Andrew Tate.

Topics of conversation include:

  • How did Tam become friends with Andrew Tate?
  • Tam’s observations and experience of Tate since becoming Muslim. Tate’s persona on camera vs his personality off camera.
  • Is Tate still involved in the adult web cam business, casinos, or any haram trades since becoming Muslim?
  • Is Tate’s Islam genuine? His social media posts since becoming Muslim, and distancing himself from his past unIslamic positions and statements.
  • What is Hustler’s University about? Are people being hustled by Tate?
  • Promoting wealth and luxury. How Islamically appropriate is this for Andrew or any successful Muslim entrepreneur?
  • Is Tate a good role model for Muslim youth and men?
  • Tate’s recent arrest in Romania. Why does Tam believe he is innocent?





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