Blood Brothers #135: Gaza genocide, disability representation, and unseating Jess Phillips

In this episode of the Blood Brothers Podcast, Dilly Hussain speaks with the veteran disabled pro-Palestine campaigner and Muslim convert, Jody Mcintyre.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Labour Party’s enabling of Israel’s genocide in Gaza.
  • Unseating Labour and running as a parliamentary candidate for Wokers Party in Birmingham Yardley. What led to this decision?
  • Have critics or opposition raised Jody’s disability as a reason not to vote for him.
  • Disability representation in society and politics.
  • Jess Phillips and her support for Labour Friends of Israel.
  • How mainstream are anti-trans and anti-LGBT views among British people?
  • What is Jody offering and promising constituents besides Gaza? Why should a non-Muslim in Yardley who doesn’t care for Gaza vote for Workers Party?

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