Afghanistan: Loya Jirga confirms Shari’ah will be ruling system

Islamic Emirate flag

A grand assembly of Afghan tribal and religious leaders (Loya Jirga) has declared allegiance to Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzadeh and confirmed that Shari’ah law will govern the land.

The eleven point declaration came at the end of a three day meeting of over 3,000 people in Kabul.

Here are the resolutions in full:

1. Declaration of allegiance to Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzadeh, the leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, is emphasised as a religious obligation.

2. Sheikh Hibatullah will rule by the Sharia’h.

3: The Islamic system of governance has “internal legitimacy.” It has provided security and an end to the culture of corruption, usurpation and embezzlement in governance. It has established a powerful central government in Afghanistan.

4. The countries of the region, the world, and the United Nations are asked to recognise the Islamic Emirate as a legitimate system and to positively interact and remove sanctions from Afghanistan. The frozen funds of the Afghan nation should be released in support of reconstruction.

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We continue to express our strong support for preventing the production, cultivation and trafficking of drugs.

Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzada

5. Neighbouring countries and the world are requested not to allow the activities of opponents of the Islamic Emirate. We also ask neighbouring countries, the region and the world not to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan and not to allow anyone to operate against Afghanistan from their soil.

6. The Islamic Emirate is an Islamic ruling system that dominates the entire country and provides security and justice. Armed opposition to this system is considered rebellion and corruption on earth.

7. Regarding the group known as the Islamic State (ISIS), which has carried out bloody suicide attacks against the Islamic Emirate and religious minorities in Afghanistan, it is a seditious phenomenon. ISIS are like the modern-day Kharijites and a false sect, and any help and connection with ISIS is forbidden.

8. Scholars who instigate controversial issues through social media are asked to refrain from making statements that cause anxiety and differences among people.

9. The Islamic Emirate has been asked to pay attention to modern education, health, agriculture, industry, economy, the rights of minorities and women, refugees and the whole nation in the light of the Islamic Sharia’h.

10. The Islamic Emirate has been asked to further strengthen the existing unity among themselves.

11. Political figures who went abroad are asked to consider the situation as an opportunity to return and to avoid biased activities.

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