Afghanistan leader pledges to defend Islamic system no matter what the cost

Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzada

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzada, has pledged not to waver from the path of Islam “even if the country is attacked with an atomic bomb.”

Speaking at the Loya Jirga (grand assembly of religious and tribal leaders) in Kabul earlier today, Sheikh Hibatullah hailed the end of the U.S. occupation and the Islamic Emirate’s takeover of the country.

Sheikh Hibatullah, who is based in the southern city of Kandahar, received pledges of allegiance from the 3,000 plus participants before beginning his address.

He said: “Thank you! We congratulate everyone on the victory that led to the liberation of our country and the subsequent establishment of the Islamic system. The victory of the Afghan jihad is a great reward for the whole nation and especially the people of Afghanistan, may God accept all the sacrifices. In these 20 years that everyone has sacrificed, they are tired, I wish health to the families of the martyrs and the orphans and whoever supports our jihad in word, deed and morals, may God accept him…

“Dear brothers! The success of the Afghan jihad is a source of pride not only for Afghans but also for Muslims around the world, and all religious people around the world are happy with the victory of the Taliban.

“Now the Muslims of the world are waiting for the slogan of peace and security to be fulfilled while the current rulers of the Muslim countries are focused only on their own interests. The American war with us was not for land and air, but for our faith and ideas, and will continue until the Day of Judgment. The world has no value for things that displease God. That is why we have defeated the world.

“The world does not want the Islamic Emirate to be independent, and they want things to be done with their reference, and they are interfering in our internal affairs. If you use an atomic bomb on us, we will still not take a single step against what is pleasing to God.”

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Sirajuddin Haqqani

Sheikh Hibatullah added: “Killing Muslims has never been our goal, we only kill Muslims for retaliation. If Afghans were killed in the operation, it was because the infidels were their shield. Killing Afghans has never been our goal…

“20 years ago, no one could talk about Sharia’h, he was either imprisoned, tortured or beaten. As a result of jihad, the call to God was released. The principle in Islam is to give up one’s desires and surrender completely to God’s law. If you do not then the claim you do is false!…

“If there is a gap between the ulema and the rulers, security will never be ensured. The jihad of the common people is to carry out the rulings and decisions of the ulama. Our main goal is security, peace, peaceful life and progress under the banner of the Islamic system.

“If there is security in the country, the economy will provide for itself. Do not rely on foreign aid, unite and build your own country. What are investors afraid of? Come and build a few companies to build the economy…

“Those who live and conspire abroad should know that people do not want you. Come and use the general amnesty. Do not destroy security, and if they destroy security, they will be dealt with in the public interest.”

Sheikh Hibatullah also reassured neighbouring countries that the IEA harbours no ill will towards them, but he did not mention the reopening of girls’ schools.

IEA spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that the IEA would respect the decisions of those at the meeting but the final say on girls’ education was up to the Supreme Leader.

Meanwhile, Deputy IEA chief and acting Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani also addressed the meeting on Friday, saying the world was demanding inclusive government and girls’ education, but the issues needed time.

“This gathering is about trust, interaction, we are here to make our future according to Islam and to national interests,” he said.

And Maulvi Mohammad Ismail, Vice President of the Conference of Afghan Scholars, said: “Afghanistan is a historical country, it is mentioned in the hadiths, Islam came here in the first century AH and the companions fought here in Kabul. Praise be to God, Islam reached Afghanistan in the first century of Islam and trained thousands of Islamic scholars, thinkers and conquerors.”

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