Shaima Dallali elected as new NUS president

Shaima Dallali. Pic: NUS

The National Union of Students has elected Shaima Dallali as its new president at its annual conference in Liverpool.

Dallali, who is of Sudanese-Tunisian heritage, was elected for a two-year term and will take up her position on July 1.

She is currently president of City University of London Students’ Union.

Voting was open to 636 delegates from NUS member students’ unions between March 16 and March 28 with an overall 84.5% turnout of voters recorded.

Shaima Dallali, NUS National President-Elect, said: “I am immensely proud and humbled to have been elected NUS National President. Access to Education is a right that should be available to everyone regardless of who they are and where they’re from.

“Fighting to challenge injustices is central to our vision as students and with the support of grassroots organisations, we have the opportunity to challenge institutional frameworks that seek to limit the accessibility and experience of students and staff in education.”

Upon being elected Dallali, who is an outspoken defender of Palestinian rights, was immediately attacked by the pro-Israel Union of Jewish Students.

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The UJS said on twitter: “The NUS delegates have voted in Shaima Dallali as the next NUS president. Jewish students have spoken to us and raised their concerns over much of the messaging Dallali has put out on her social media in the past.

“Attacking the Jewish community, UJS, and supporting speakers with extremely challenging views. We hope that she will come to the table, work with UJS and understand how to support Jewish students.

“There have been many bridges broken between @NUSuk and Jewish students over the past weeks. We call on Shaima and her team to join us in rebuilding those bridges to ensure that NUS becomes a space Jewish students once more feel welcomed into, rather than sidelined and excluded.”

In response Dallali replied: “My hands are outstretched to all students and staff that work in our movement, including Jewish students, and would love to arrange a meeting once I’m in office. I stand ready to listen to the concerns of all students on how we can make our movement inclusive and open to all.”

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