Prominent pro-Israel official suspended over Islamophobic comments

Gary Mond. Pic: Board of Deputies

The senior vice-president of one of Britain’s most prominent pro-Israel organisations has been suspended after a series of anti-Muslim comments were discovered on his social media accounts.

Gary Mond, the Board of Deputies of British Jews senior vice-president, is also a trustee at the Israel charity JNF UK.

He was informed of the decision to undertake a probe into his conduct on social media yesterday.

The suspension came after Jewish News uncovered social media posts that appeared to have been posted by Mond – including an apparent show of support for Pamela Geller, an American far-right anti-Islam activist.

Evidence appears to show that Mond “liked” two posts made by Geller in 2017, including one saying France was “finished” after voters chose President Emmanuel Macron over far-right challenger Marine Le Pen.

In a 2014 post, Mond responded to concerns over a possible increase in the number of Muslim MPs. He wrote: “When this happens – and the odds are that it will – the Britain that we know will be gone forever.”

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In a 2016 post Mond suggested the West, along with Israel and China, is “at war with Islam.” He added “just as Islam has lost before in history it will lose again.”

Last month Mond attempted to distance himself from comments made by JNF UK chair Samuel Hayek, who suggested Jews had “no future” in this country as a result of Muslim immigration.

Mond said he supported the Board of Deputies work “with Muslim communities throughout the country, with whom we have many joint objectives.”

The Board of Deputies said: ”Following the allegations of anti-Muslim sentiment which have surfaced we have asked Mr Mond to step down from his duties while an investigation is undertaken as is common practice. Mr Mond did not agree to voluntarily step down and has informed us he is currently taking legal advice. The Board of Deputies believes that there is no place in any Jewish communal organisation for anti-Muslim hatred.”

According to the Jewish News, Mond has vowed to consult lawyers over the Board’s decision to launch an investigation into him.

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