Indian actress Sana Khan gives up showbiz career for Islam

The Indian actress Sana Khan has decided to quit the entertainment industry after being enlightened by the “teachings of Islam.”

Khan, who has millions of followers on her social media platforms, has been a part of several reality TV shows such as Big Boss and has also featured in Bollywood films.

In a social media post on Thursday, she dubbed her decision to leave showbiz as the “happiest day.”

While hoping that Allah would guide her in her new journey, she asked her followers to pray for her. She wrote: “I am talking to you during one of the most significant turns in my life. I am in the film industry for several years and have received fame, respect and wealth from my ardent fans. I am grateful for that.

 “But somehow, a thought has been persistent in my mind – What is the purpose of this life? Is it only to earn money and fame? Is it not our responsibility to spend our lives in service of the helpless and the abandoned? Should humans not think how death may come at any point and what would be their fate in the after-life? I am desperately searching for answers to these two questions, especially the second one. What would be my fate when I die?”

Khan also hinted at how her faith and her profession were at loggerheads with each other.

“When I looked for the answer to the intriguing question in my religion, I found that the purpose of this life is to make after-life better. And the after-life will also be good if a person follows her life as per the rules of the Creator (Allah in this case). Don’t make fame and wealth the basis of your life. Move away from a sinful lifestyle to the one that serves humanity. Follow the rules of your creator.”

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Khan, 33, began her career in modelling and went on to appear in advertisements and feature films. She has appeared in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu language films, as well as in TV commercials and dance performances in films.

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