Muslim dad faces jail for keeping son off school over LGBT teaching

A Muslim father from Birmingham is being prosecuted for keeping his son off school for months over pro-LGBT teaching in schools.

Jabar Hussain, 51, faces a fine and potentially jail for failing to ensure his nine-year-old went to Parkfield Community School in Birmingham, which is at the centre of a row over the teaching of the pro-LGBT “No Outsiders” programme.

Hussain told The Times, “If I have to go to court, I have to go to court. I would go to jail for this.”

He has instructed lawyers to seek a judicial review over the issue if Birmingham City Council does not back down.

He alleges the lessons pose a “safeguarding risk” and causes confusion for young pupils about their gender identity and says the decision to prosecute him is unlawful and breaches his human rights.

His lawyer Paul Conrathe said: “This prosecution criminalises him for not submitting to teaching in breach of his rights.”

Mr Hussain claims “No Outsiders,” created by the school’s former assistant head Andrew Moffatt, promotes homosexuality and transgenderism. He claims “No Outsiders” is incompatible with his rights and Muslim faith.

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In his legal challenge, he also claimed the school “goes well beyond teaching acceptance for different types of families. For instance, it advocates for children to be whatever they feel they might be (including in relation to gender)…”

The letter to the council also said the programme “reinforces the message that it is ”good to be transgender’ and claimed – wrongly according to Mr Hussain – gender identity is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.

A parent who fails to ensure their child attends school for long periods is liable to a fine of up to £2,500, a community order or a jail sentence up to three months. The court would also give a parenting order.

An estimated 600 Muslim children were pulled out of Parkfield Community School in protest against lessons about homosexuality and gender in last March.

Ofsted ruled the “No Outsiders” programme taught at Parkfield was “age appropriate” and the school has retained its “outstanding” grading through the protests.

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