“Muhammad” makes top 10 list of baby names in America

Muhammad has, for the first time, entered the top 10 list for baby boy names in the United States.

This year’s BabyCenter annual list took into account the various spellings of Muhammad.

“While non-Muslim families have a seemingly limitless range of possible names to choose from, tradition is still very important for Muslim families, including the custom of naming a son after the Prophet,” BabyCenter said on Wednesday.

BabyCenter said that while Social Security data shows Muhammad climbed from 620 in 2000 to 345 in 2018, its rank would be higher if the government agency also combined its numerous spellings.

Muhammad rose 29 percent in popularity from 2018 but still couldn’t eclipse Liam, Jackson, Noah and others.

Meanwhile, Aaliyah broke into the top 10 list for girls which was topped by Sophie which has fended off all comers to maintain its place at the top of the list of girls’ names for a decade.


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1. Liam

2. Jackson

3. Noah

4. Aiden

5. Grayson

6. Caden

7. Lucas

8. Elijah

9. Oliver

10. Muhammad


1. Sophia

2. Olivia

3. Emma

4. Ava

5. Aria

6. Isabella

7. Amelia

8. Mia

9. Riley

10. Aaliyah

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