American Muslims launch campaign to kick Biden out of White House

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American Muslim community leaders have launched a national campaign to boot Joe Biden out of the White House at the next election because of his support for Israel’s genocidal actions.

At a press conference in Chicago on Saturday the #AbandonBiden campaign pledged to punish Biden over his administration’s failure to call for a Gaza ceasefire.

The Muslim leaders plan to campaign against Biden in all 50 states “guaranteeing” Biden’s loss in the upcoming 2024 election, and are asking non-Muslim Americans to join them.

One of the campaign organisers, Hassan Abdelsalam, a professor at the University of Minnesota, said: “We come to you here today, Muslim leaders from across the nation united and focused on one message – Abandon Biden.

“After droves and droves of us came to the President’s side and made him President of the United States, we came here because of a betrayal of a President who claimed he was committed to the value of life and justice and dignity and then permitted, abetted a genocide that continues not weeks or days after the attacks on Gaza began, but months and no ceasefire has been called.”

Another organiser from Michigan, Khaled Durrani, added: “At a time when a country like South Africa calls for invoking the genocide convention, the Biden administration is using the veto power and all of its diplomatic power to make sure there is no ceasefire… It is almost embarrassing to see that our tax dollars are being used to aid these crimes against humanity… our President has the blood of Palestinian children on his hands.”

Over the past two months, the national #AbandonBiden campaign has been organising Muslims and their allies to defeat Biden in all the swing states – Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida and Wisconsin.

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But the leaders have now announced that they will expand their campaign beyond the swing states, calling for a sweeping strategy to ensure Biden’s election loss.

“Biden’s abandoning of Muslim Americans compels Muslim leaders to abandon Biden,” the #AbandonBiden campaign said. “Despite having voted for Mr. Biden in huge numbers in 2020, Muslim Americans are unwavering in their belief that abandoning Biden is a moral obligation.”

Meanwhile, Hassan Abdelsalam said American Muslims are prepared to make sure Biden loses the next election even if that leads to another Donald Trump presidency.

He said: “The idea of the lesser of two evils is not a package that people can support; there is no greater evil than death. Living under a Republican for four years is nothing comparable to a day in Gaza. So we take this sacrifice and we pursue this knowing full well the consequences because we believe it is for the good of the nation.”

According to a recent Gallup poll, President Joe Biden’s job approval rating is 39% – the worst of any modern-day President heading into a re-election campaign.

The main issues in the upcoming election will most likely be the faltering economy, the United States’ role in wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, and immigration.

In the 2019 presidential election, 69% of American Muslims voted for Joe Biden while only 17% opted for Donald Trump.

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