Shukri Abdi family to demand investigation into school and action by police

Shukri Abdi

Family members of drowned Bury schoolgirl, Shukri Abdi, have called for an investigation into Broad Oak Sports College for potential negligence and breach of its duty of care towards its pupils, and demand Greater Manchester Police to conduct a full investigation into the circumstances leading up to her death.

The demands will be made on Saturday during a press conference organised by the Justice4Shukri campaign between 1pm-2.30pm at the Jinnah Day Care Centre in Bury.

The campaign is demanding that GMP, James Frith MP and the Local Education Authority of Bury investigate Broad Oak Sports College for potential negligence and a potential breach of its duty of care towards its pupils in light of accusations of failure to address incidents of bullying.

In addition, they are also demanding that Greater Manchester Police conduct a full transparent investigation into the circumstances leading up to and surrounding this tragedy.

Following the death of 12 year old Shukri Abdi on the 27th of June in Bury, many questions have been raised by her family and the wider community. Prior to her tragic death, it has been claimed that Shukri was being bullied at school.

The Justice4Shukri campaign says it has received numerous complaints from the local area over the inaction of the school and local government.

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They say the community and students demand to know what actions have been taken to ensure that such a tragedy is not repeated. They also say there is further concern over the premature closure of the case.

The Justice4Shukri campaign said in a statement: “In the words of Zamzam Canab Ture, Shukri’s mother: ‘If the rights we came to the country for exist, I want something done.’ The family deserve answers. The community demand transparency. Shukri deserves justice.”

Last month an inquest into the death of Shukri heard that four children who were with her when she died have all been interviewed by police.

Senior Coroner for Greater Manchester North, Joanne Kearsley said at the inquest: “There has been widespread reporting of potential bullying accusations. There is currently an ongoing review by the school and the outcome of their investigation will be made available to the police.”

The inquest heard that on the afternoon of June 27 Shukri left school with four other children.

“They all went down to the water to play that evening after school,” said Det Insp Naismith. “Unfortunately, Shukri got into difficulty, went into the deep end of the water, and unfortunately she has drowned.

“The investigation is still ongoing and we are talking to a number of people but at this stage, there is nothing to suggest there is anything related to third-party involvement, or bullying or coercion in relation to getting Shukri down to the river.”

He emphasised that there is an ongoing police investigation which is hoped to be concluded within the next four to six weeks.

The inquest was adjourned until December 9.

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