Myriad Foundation turns down invite to Downing St Eid party

Last year's Downing St Eid Party

A Manchester-based Muslim organisation has declined an invitation to the Downing Street Eid Party hosted by Theresa May because of the government’s “prominent role in creating austerity and Islamophobia in the UK.”

Ali Mahmood, the chairman of the Myriad Foundation, wrote a letter to Downing St saying he would feel hypocritical celebrating Eid there.

The Myriad Foundation is primarily involved in social welfare and social reform. It is also involved in the development of centres of learning, crime prevention, relief work and providing a platform to cater for the socio-economic needs of society.

Since coming to power in 2010 the Tory-led administrations have implemented harsh austerity measures which have adversely impacted on poorer members of society in a bid to reduce the national debt.

Meanwhile, the Conservative Party has been reported to the Equality and Human Rights Commission over Islamophobia in its ranks.

Downing St holds an annual Eid Party but has been criticised for hand-picking guests who are not representative of the wider community and who will not question its polices.

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Below is the Myriad Foundation’s response to the Downing St invite:

Thank you very much for inviting me on behalf of the Myriad Foundation to the Prime Minister’s Eid Party at 10 Downing Street. Whilst it is an honour to be recognised for the important work we do, after careful deliberation with members of our organisation, we have decided to decline the offer.

The Myriad Foundation is a Muslim led organisation driven by Islamic teachings. Our work focuses on helping those deeply impacted by austerity and educating wider society on Islam as a means to offset the damage created by institutional Islamophobia.

We feel that the Conservatives government led by Prime Minister Theresa May has played a prominent role in creating austerity and Islamophobia in the UK. For this reason and taking into consideration the work we undertake as an organisation, we feel it will be hypocritical to be celebrating Eid at 10 Downing Street.

We would be happy to discuss our concerns with you in a more appropriate setting.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards
Ali Mahmood

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