Birmingham MP who supports Muslim parents over LGBT teaching targeted

Roger Godsiff

A Birmingham Labour MP who supports Muslim parents who’ve been protesting against LGBT teaching in primary schools has been reported to the chief whip after telling campaigners “you’re right”.

In a video, Birmingham Hall Green MP Roger Godsiff told the Anderton Park Primary School protesters they had a “just cause” and that this hadn’t been reciprocated by the head teacher. But he added that they had made their point and that he would like them to consider calling the protest off.

Previously Godsiff has called the LGBT teaching “age-inappropriate.”

Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner said she had reported the comments to the chief whip.

“This might be the personal views of Mr Roger Godsiff but they do not represent the Labour Party and are discriminatory and irresponsible,” she added.

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth also said he disagreed with Mr Godsiff’s comments.

“I’m not sure if he should lose the whip but I think he has to understand that it’s Labour party policy to support this education in schools,” he told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

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Earlier, gay MP Wes Streeting said he would be tabling a formal complaint to the party about Mr Godsiff.

In a series of tweets, he said: “This made me feel sick to my stomach. One of my own Labour colleagues stood with people who have peddled hatred and bigotry on school gates, intimidating pupils, teachers and parents.”

At its annual general meeting, the LGBT Labour group voted to condemn “unreservedly and unequivocally” the remarks and called for the Labour whip to be removed.

And a petition calling on the constituency Labour Party to deselect Mr Godsiff following his latest comments has 1,000 signatures.

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