REVEALED: The Muslim organisations taking counter-extremism money

The government has published a list of organisations that have received counter-extremism funding under one of its “challenging extremism” schemes.

Many of the organisations include women’s groups, youth groups, interfaith and cultural organisations and sports clubs.

The Home Office says its “Building a Stronger Britain Together” programme supports “civil society and community organisations who work to create more resilient communities, stand up to extremism in all its forms and offer vulnerable individuals a positive alternative.”

The programme is currently supporting 234 projects across England and Wales “working to challenge extremism within their community.”

Taking counter extremism money has become somewhat toxic within the Muslim community due to the nature of the government’s counter extremism policies, which many Muslims view as Islamophobic.

Some notable organisations that are receiving funds under this scheme include:

  • Bolton Council of Mosques
  • JAN Trust
  • Dawatul Islam UK & Eire
  • Muslim Women’s Network UK
  • The Salam Project
  • The Association of British Muslims
  • Bradford Literature Festival
  • Faith Matters
  • Hope Not Hate
  • Institute for Strategic Dialogue
  • Nisa-Nisham
  • Mitzvah Day

A full list of organisations that have received counter extremism funding can be found here.

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