Suspected Christchurch terrorist filed complaint about being deprived of entitlements

Christchurch mosque killer Tarrant

The man allegedly responsible for killing 50 worshippers and injuring 49 in the Christchurch mosque terror attacks has made a formal complaint from prison about being deprived of his entitlements.

Brenton Tarrant, 28, who has been charged with murder is being held at Auckland Prison under tight security.

The alleged gunman has been segregated from other inmates and can be observed 24 hours a day, either directly by staff or via CCTV cameras.

He has been denied the right to have visitors and has no access to TV, radio or newspapers.

The New Zealand Herald reported yesterday that Tarrant made a formal complaint to the Department of Corrections, claiming he is being deprived of his basic rights.

A prison source told the news site Stuff that his complaint included that he was not being allowed any access to phone calls or visitors.

The spokesman confirmed that the suspected killer has “no access to television, radio or newspapers and has no approved visitors”.

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He said: “He is being managed in accordance with the provisions set out in the Corrections Act 2004 and our international obligations for the treatment of prisoners.

“For operational security reasons no further information will be provided.”

According to the Corrections Act, inmates have a “minimum entitlement” to certain things including sufficient bedding, quantity of wholesome food and drink, at least three meals a day and exercise.

Every prisoner has access to one visit a week for a maximum duration of 30 minutes and at least one outgoing phone call for a maximum time of five minutes a week.

The Stuff also reported that the alleged terrorist is allowed outside into a concrete exercise yard for one hour a day.

Tarrant is due to reappear in the High Court at Christchurch in April, where he will likely appear via audio-visual link and represent himself.

Police have charged him with one count of murder but further charges are expected to be added at his next appearance.

Another 49 murder charges are expected to be added, as well as several attempted murder charges.

Police have not confirmed whether or not Tarrant will any terrorism charges.

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