Protests outside Parkfield School continue over pro-LGBT classes

Parent-led protests at a Birmingham primary school have started again amid claims that pro-LGBT lessons are still being taught to pupils.

Protests outside Parkfield Community School stopped last week when teachers decided to indefinitely halt the pro-LGBT classes.

However yesterday, at least 300 parents and children rallied at the school gates for the fourth time.

In the latest rally, organised by Parkfield Parents’ Community Group, there have been calls for headteacher Hazel Pulley to resign, with protesters claiming she “cannot keep her word”.

Demonstrators are concerned while classes have formally stopped in the No Outsiders scheme, discussions about LGBT values and same-sex relationships are still taking place.

Placards at the protests included “say no to undermining parental rights and authority”.

In previous demonstrations, protesters had described the lessons as age-inappropriate and incompatible with the teachings of Islam.

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Parkfield School has about 740 pupils aged three to 11, mainly Muslim, but parents and children of different faiths have participated in the rallies.

On Tuesday, it was confirmed that four additional schools in Birmingham also stopped teaching about LGBT lifestyles, values and rights following complaints by parents.

When Parkfield stopped the lessons, it promised said they would not continue until a resolution was reached with parents.

In a letter sent to parents on Wednesday, the school said: “We are looking to evolve our equalities programme for pupils at Parkfield, in collaboration with parents, to include all the protected characteristics and meet the requirements of the Equalities Act”.

The government watchdog Ofsted ruled that the lessons being taught at Parkfield were age-appropriate.

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