Biker gangs guarded mosques across New Zealand for Jumah prayers

Biker gang members paying their respects outside Masjid Al-Noor in Christchurch.

Biker gangs guarded mosques across New Zealand today as Muslims congregated for Jumah prayers following last Friday’s terror attacks in Christchurch.

Members belonging to the infamous Mongrel Mob, Black Power and King Cobra gangs stood outside mosques as they fulfilled their promise to protect Muslim communities across the country, after 50 people were killed in the horrific attacks on Friday 15 March.

The president of Waikato Mongrel Mob, Sonny Fatu, told the New Zealand news site Stuff: “We will support and assist our Muslim brothers and sisters for however long they need us.”

He said the Mongrel Mob were contacted by Muslim leaders saying members of the community were scared about attending Jumah prayers.

Mr Fatu said: “The question was posed whether we could be a part of the safety net for them to allow them to pray in peace without fear.

“Of course we would do that, there was no question about that and we will be dressed appropriately.

“We were not armed. We peacefully secured the inner gated perimeters, with other community members, to allow them to feel at ease.”

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Members of the King Cobra gang also paid their respects to senior members of the Al-Masjid Al-Jamie mosque in Ponsonby on Saturday.

Other Mongrel Mob chapters have also shown their support throughout the country, including the Aotearoa branch who paid their respects at Hagley College School in Christchurch.

One of the gang’s Australian chapters have reportedly been patrolling mosques in Sydney.

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