Task group says female Palestinian refugees repeatedly raped in Syrian prison

Family members of Palestinian women who have been wrongly jailed in Syria have said that their wives and daughters were repeatedly raped and severely tortured in prison.

The families also said they felt the plight of their womenfolk has been widely ignored.

Shehab news agency reported that families sent a message to international human rights groups criticising them for their negligence of the matter.

The Task Group for Palestinians in Syria, which received a copy of the message, said that the families called on the international community and rights groups to try preventing torture and rape inflicted on their daughters inside Syrian intelligence services prisons, as well as trying their best to release them.

Former female detainees have described how they were subject to “all form of torture inside Syrian prisons, including electrocution, hanging, being beaten with iron poles and whips, as well as being repeatedly raped by their jailers”.

Currently there are 1,730 Palestinian refugees inside Syrian jails, including 110 women, which families say they have no information about their circumstances.

The Task Group has said the number of Palestinian prisoners in Syria is actually more than this, stating that some families of detainees are too scared to reveal that their children or spouses are imprisoned or to give details about their location.

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The group has also documented the deaths of many Palestinian female refugees who died after being tortured, highlighting that the total number of Palestinian refugees who were tortured to death is 478.

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