248,000 people sign petition for the release of tortured female prisoners in Syria

Nearly a quarter of a million people have signed a petition as part of a campaign to release women who have been wrongly jailed and tortured in Syria

The campaign which was launched last month has gained momentum online and is being spearheaded from Turkey, where thousands of women protested on Wednesday 6 March and Friday 8 March for International Women’s Day.

On the Conscience Movement’s campaign page, it states:

“During the Syrian war, we witnessed many war crimes and crimes against humanity accompanied by live broadcasts and we continue to be: We watched the live broadcast of children who have been killed by prohibited chemical and biological weapons, barrel bombs and who died agonizedly. Torture, rape, executions, mass killings, mass graves, deportation of millions of people and many persecution… Up until today, more than 13,500 women have been sentenced and over 7000 women are still tortured, raped every day in these prisons and exposed to inhumane oppression. The Syrian regime has used rape as a weapon, and continues to use it.

“We believe that the effect of the law and the manifestation of justice can only be possible if the action of SENSE OF HUMANITY is activated. We all know that PEACE is the most BENEFICIAL for all people. But it is not as easy as war to build peace. Nevertheless, we want a law for war too, to prevent the brutality. BECAUSE we’re HUMAN and we want to do befitting a human being.

“We are people and non-governmental organizations all over the world who come together from different religions, languages, colors, race and sex. Our aim is to demonstrate civil and peaceful efforts such as press conferences, media campaigns, diplomatic contacts, etc. as a civil initiative representing the conscience of humanity for the release of women and children imprisoned during the Syrian war.

“As a respectable voice of humanity conscience; We want you to make an effort not to touch civilians and especially women and children in a war or conflict environment and request your support for the CONSCIENCE MOVEMENT.

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“SIGN to put a brick on the path of freedom for women and children, to be a light of hope for the cold Syrian dungeons in pain and darkness.”

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SOURCEConscience movement
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