Adil Ray accuses Birmingham Muslim parents of homophobia

The Citizen Khan actor Adil Ray has accused Muslim parents in Birmingham protesting against the promotion of homosexuality in schools of homophobia.

Ray was presenting ITV’s Good Morning Britain this morning when he made the accusation while in conversation with gay teacher Andrew Moffat who is at the centre of a row about the promotion of homosexuality at Parkfield Community School in Birmingham.

Ray said: “Many schools, your school included, will teach lots of young children lots of storybooks about heterosexual relationships, some of which don’t involve marriage. Now that is anti-Islamic too but I don’t see Muslims in Birmingham protesting to that. So there clearly is an element of homophobia going on here, I don’t think it’s a thing about we’re protecting our children.”

Muslim parents who have mounted protests  in Birmingham have repeatedly stressed that they are not homophobic and do not have an issue about their children learning about alternative lifestyles.

However, they say that Andrew Moffat and the school are trying to get young children to affirm the legitimacy of homosexuality which runs contrary to their beliefs in a school which is overwhelmingly Muslim.

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