British Muslims assaulted at Al Aqsa reveal shocking story

Assault victims | credit Cage Int

Dragged, kicked, and threatened with a gun. CAGE International has documented the terrifying account of three British citizens who were brutally assaulted by Israeli forces when visiting the Al Aqsa Mosque Compound during Ramadan. 

5Pillars is the first news outlet to platform the shocking testimonies of Raz, Syed & Ismail who remained brave in the face of the danger.

“One of the guys [Israeli soldiers] points a gun in my face and then my chest. I literally just laughed at him,” one of the victims explained.

Cage International has urged Muslims who wish to visit Islam’s third holiest site, Al Aqsa, should continue to do so and not feel intimidated.

“We will continue to visit the Al Aqsa compound & call on you all to visit the masjid too – to challenge Israel’s attempt to destroy the third holiest site in the Islamic religion in the name of Zionism.”


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