Tariq Ramadan’s health “has deteriorated seriously”

The Free Tariq Ramadan campaign has said that the prominent Swiss Muslim academic’s health has deteriorated seriously, citing a neurologist who examined him recently at the La Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris.

Ramadan, 55, has been in policy custody since he was placed under formal investigation on February 2 after a number of women accused him of rape and sexual assault – allegations he strenuously denies.

His supporters say that when he was first incarcerated at Fleury-Mérogis prison on February 2, Professor Ramadan was suffering from multiple sclerosis with tingling feelings in the legs and finger tips.

They say within 15 days of his incarceration the tingling started to increase and intensify from the toes to the hips as well as half of both his hands. He then started suffering from terrible, consistent migraines as well as painful cramps.

On June 12, they say he was once again admitted to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, where he was seen by a neurologist for the first time since the March 9. The neurologist noticed a serious deterioration in his health:

– Severe weight loss of 11 kg
– Difficulty walking and inability to move without a walker.
– Painful dysesthesia (sensation problems) in the lower limbs from toes to knees.
– Paresthesia (tingling and numbness) along the right arm up to the shoulder with cramps in the hand and an impossibility to write as well as paresthesia in the left arm.
– General loss of sensation.
– Intense and constant headaches.
– Difficulty concentrating, with a concentration span that does not exceed 20 minutes.
– Loss of memory.
– Incontinence.

The Free Tariq Ramadan Campaign commented: “The initial report had stated that the deterioration of the symptoms was due to psychological factors and that once the ‘stress-inducing factors’ subsided, the symptoms would be reversible.

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“This affair is not only treated with total disrespect for the presumption of innocence, but it is more and more obvious that the judges’ disregard for the deterioration of Professor Ramadan’s health suggests an intent to diminish him physically as well as intellectually.

“As the lawyer and politician Robert Badinter said, France is not the country of human rights, rather the country of the DECLARATION of human rights. In light of the humiliating manner in which a political prisoner like Mr Ramadan is being treated, we are, as a matter of fact, far removed from the values that France claims to follow.”

In February authorities decided that Professor Ramadan would remain in jail after a medical report showed his state of health was compatible with his continued detention.

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