Ukip leader insults the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Ukip leader Gerard Batten has insulted the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), calling him a sex predator and sadist (Audhu billah).

Referring to the conviction of a child grooming gang in Oxford who were jailed for 20 years, Batten commented on Twitter earlier today:”‘Grooming gangs’ is a euphemism for sex slavery, practiced on ‘Kaffir’ girls who are considered less than human & fair game. Justified by the perpetrators because the teachings of the sex predator & sadist who invented their religion.”

Batten is a founding member and the current leader of Ukip, and a Member of the European Parliament representing London.

In 2008 Batten invited the Islamophobic Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders to the European Parliament in an unsuccessful attempt to screen Wilders’ film Fitna for MEPs. According to Batten, Wilders “is a brave man trying to defend western civilisation in the face of its own loss of the most basic instinct of self-preservation.”

In a 2010 video, Batten said that no further mosques should be built in our cities, and thought the existence of “two incompatible systems living in the same place at the same time” was a threat.

In February Batten was announced as Ukip Leader on an interim basis until the conclusion of the next leadership election.

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