Israelis cheer as sniper guns down unarmed Palestinian

A video has emerged that shows an Israeli sniper shooting an unarmed and motionless Palestinian man in the Gaza Strip, followed by cheering from an onlooker.

Israel’s military said the “incident is being reviewed and will be thoroughly investigated”.

The video comes after almost two weeks of daily protests by Palestinians on the Israel-Gaza border in which the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have shot more than two dozen people dead and wounded hundreds more, according to Gazan health officials.

The IDF said the clip might have been filmed months ago. It did not confirm if the event was captured by an IDF soldier, if the shot man had died, or provide further details.

“Do you have a bullet in the barrel?” asks a voice off-camera in Hebrew. A crack is heard and the man falls suddenly. “Wow, what a video. Yes! Son of a whore!” another person says as people are seen running towards the victim to help. “Wow. They hit someone in the head,” says an off-camera voice.

Israel’s army has been the focus of intense international scrutiny for its lethal response to demonstrations by Gaza’s residents along the frontier.

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