Gay racist sentenced to life in jail for killing neighbour because he thought he was Muslim

Left to right: Stanley Majors and Khalid Jabara

A homosexual racist was sentenced to life in prison last Tuesday for shooting his non-Muslim Arab neighbour dead because he thought he was Muslim.

Stanley Majors claimed that he feared that his “Muslim” neighbours would persecute him for being gay.

An attorney for Khalid Jabara’s family said the 63-year-old killer “deserved every single day” of his sentence for turning up to his next door neighbour’s doorstep and shooting him in August 2016.

Prior to the murder, Majors subjected Mr Khalid and his family to years of abuse at their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and even ran over his victim’s mother, Haifa Jabra, with his car in September 2015, leaving her with a broken arm.

He committed the homicide two months before he could stand trial for that offence, with a judge ruling last Tuesday that he should serve life without parole.

During Majors trial, his defence team tried to blame the crime on mental illness, and said he had killed Mr Jabara – who was a non-Muslim of Lebanese origin – because he feared he and his family were Muslim, and thought they would target him because he was homosexual. That came despite Mr Jabara having a warm and cordial relationship with Majors’ husband, Stephen Schmauss.

In a statement read by the Jabara family’s attorney, Julie Doss, after the sentence, they said regarding Majors: “We do not believe this defendant is worthy of any more attention.

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“His time to turn his life around has come and gone.

“Love is something this defendant never had and never will have, and he will spend the rest of his life in prison where he belongs.”

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