Tariq Ramadan hospitalised as family still denied visits

Professor Tariq Ramadan, who has been held in custody on preliminary rape charges for the last 19 days, has been hospitalised.

The prominent academic’s family say they do not know the reasons why, but it is “becoming increasingly clear that his unjust detention is having a serious negative effect on his health.”

Ramadan, 55, suffers from multiple sclerosis as well as another undisclosed disease and his family say they are very worried about his health.

A statement on the Free Tariq Ramadan Facebook page says his family does not have any information on his whereabouts or his condition.

“This lack of respect for the dignity of Prof. Ramadan and his family is nothing short of an outrage,” the statement added.

Professor Ramadan has yet to be formally charged with any crime and his family are calling for his immediate release.

He has been accused by two women of rape and sexual assault and has been subject to a campaign of vilification in the French media due to the accusations, which he categorically denies.

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Ramadan has been held at the Fleury-Merogis prison near Paris since February 2.

A court ordered Ramadan be detained ahead of his trial, saying he was a possible flight risk and fearing potential pressure on women who testified anonymously.

A Paris appeals court ordered the medical evaluation on Thursday and postponed its ruling on his detention until February 22 after Ramadan went to the hearing in an ambulance.

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