Viral video depicts Saudi Arabia invading Iran

A Saudi video depicting the Kingdom’s military forces taking over Iran and then being greeted as liberators has gone viral on social media.

The video was posted by an anonymous Saudi user last week on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It has since been publicised by official Saudi media.

It begins by showing a Saudi aid ship on a humanitarian mission in the Gulf, which soon comes under attack from Iranian forces in nearby attack boats.

Saudi back-up soon arrives and fires at the Iranian boats, blowing them up. Saudi aircraft are then deployed and soon destroy Iranian planes. Riyadh then continues its offensive, successfully targeting Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, Badr Airbase, and Mehrabad International Airport.

A land attack is then launched on Iran, with the video showing tanks and Saudi troops parachuting down into the country. Finally, the video shows Tehran being completely conquered by Saudi Arabia, leading to a massive celebration in the city centre. Iranians are seen holding Saudi flags and photos of the Saudi Crown Prince.

The video’s release comes amid ongoing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, both of which accuse each other of supporting terrorism.

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