Muslim activist suspended from Labour over anti-Semitism allegations says accuser put her safety at risk

Laura Stuart

A Muslim woman who was suspended from the Labour Party for alleged anti-Semitism has accused the man who reported her of conducting a “trial by media” which has put her personal safety at risk.

Londoner Laura Stuart was accused of publishing “anti-Semitic slurs” and “Holocaust denial” on the GazaBoatConvoy Twitter account, although she says this is a group and not an individual account.


The Jewish Chronicle said Ms Stuart was suspended following a public complaint from West Hendon Councillor and Jewish Labour Movement activist Adam Langleblen, who said a private complaint in July had not been dealt with.

Following the public complaint, a Labour spokesman told the newspaper: “Laura Stuart has been suspended from Labour Party pending an investigation.” A Labour spokeswoman added: “The Labour Party is committed to challenging and campaigning against antisemitism in all its forms.”

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But Ms Stuart says she is being targeted for her pro-Palestine activism. Here is her statement in full:

“I am accused of being an anti-Semite. Having being an active campaigner for Palestinian rights, it is not new for me to be under attack on social media and in person. In my attempts to bring hope to the people of Gaza by land, on aid convoys and by ship as a passenger on the Mavi Marmara in 2010, I have been a witness to, and victim, of Israeli brutality and violence.

“My accuser is a local Councillor who, in that capacity, attends my local Constituency Labour Party meetings. I have to date not met Mr Langleben nor indeed had any exchange of any kind. It seems that Adam Langleben trawled through my posts on Facebook and reported some of the content to the Labour Party.

“Mr Langleben seems to be upset that the Labour Party did not, upon his first instruction, immediately expel me and I continued to actively attend meetings and street stalls. So he took it upon himself to completely ignore due process and go public with his allegations on social media.

“In not following normal party procedure, Mr Langleben would surely have been aware that there is only one female Mavi Marmara passenger residing in Barnet and that my name would be publicly put forward as being connected to the Gaza Boat Convoy Twitter account.

“Despite this, Mr Langleben had zero regard for the consequences of his actions and the ensuing ‘Trial By Media’ to which I am currently subjected goes absolutely against the recommendations of the Chakrabati report.

“Mr Langleben, in clearly defying Labour party process, has put my personal safety at risk. Surely this falls far below the standards we expect of a public figure?”

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