Labour Muslim Network launches in Parliament

Launch of the Labour Muslim Network

The Labour Muslim Network launched at the Houses of Parliament last night in an event attended by Jeremy Corbyn and other prominent Labour MPs.

The LMN describes itself as an inclusive organisation which seeks to support British Muslims’ engagement in the political process and with the Labour Party, based on shared values of social justice and equality.

Ali Milani, an official at the National Union of Students, said: “What an incredible honour to host the Parliamentary Launch of the Labour Muslim Network. We were delighted to be joined by the Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Shadow Equalities minister Dawn Butler and many more. We are on a journey, a journey to a Labour government and a journey for the many.”

Although no statistics are available, it is thought that the vast majority of Muslims voted for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in this year’s General Election.

Analysis by the Muslim Council of Britain identified 16 constituencies where the impact of Muslim communities could be “high.” In those constituencies the swing towards Labour was 7,789 on average and every one of these 16 seats is now held by the Labour party.

And in the 23 constituencies where the MCB determined the impact of Muslim communities as “medium,” the swing towards Labour (or the Liberal Democrats in the Conservative-Lib Dem marginal Kingston & Surbiton) was 6,839 on average.

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