Grenfell Tower victim found on 21st floor identified as “loving” Yasin El Wahabi

Yasin El Wahabi [Image: Metropolitan Police]

A young man described by his family as “loving, bubbly and caring” is the latest victim of the Grenfell Tower fire to be officially identified.

Yasin El Wahabi’s remains were found on the 21st floor of Grenfell Tower block, Westminster Coroner’s Court was told earlier this week.

His family said in a statement that his “contagious smile will always be etched on our minds and hearts”.

Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox confirmed that 47 victims of the tragic fire had now been identified.

She added that inquests have been launched and adjourned for 45 victims.

At least 80 people died when the ferocious fire razed the tower on Wednesday 14 June.

The court heard Mr El Wahabi was named by his dental records and his cause of death was stated as “consistent with the effects of fire”.

Mr El-Wahabi’s family said: “Yasin was a lovable, bubbly and caring young man. He would lend his hand to anyone who asked for help.”

Other victims 

The inquest into Nura Jemal, 35, who was named by police on Monday has also been opened.

The court heard how Ms Jemal’s remains were recovered from the 22nd floor, and was later identified by dental records.

Additional details were also released about the death of two-year-old Jeremiah Deen, who lived on the 14th floor of the 24-storey building.

The court heard he was identified by DNA.

The death of Jeremiah’s mother, 32-year-old Zainab Deen, was confirmed at an inquest last month.

Dr Wilcox told the court: “These identifications seemed to take forever to come.”

She said she opened and adjourned the proceedings “with a heavy heart”.

All the inquests were adjourned to allow the public inquiry and any criminal prosecutions to take place first.

Residents from 13 homes have been rehoused, with 48 out of 175 offers of temporary or permanent accommodation being accepted.

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