“Diplomatic immunity” for Israeli soldier who killed two Jordanians

Jordanian security forces guard the Israeli embassy, in Amman. [CREDIT: EPA]

Israel has refused to allow the Jordanian government to quiz an Israeli security officer who shot two Jordanians dead, claiming he has “diplomatic immunity”.

Jordanian authorities have refused to let the guard leave, stating that they want to question the killer, but Israel claims he is protected from investigation and detention.

Mohammed Jawawdeh, 17, and Bashar Hamarneh who is a doctor in the residential quarter of the embassy, were both shot by the Israeli officer after he was allegedly attacked with a screwdriver.

The incident occurred amid growing tensions in occupied Jerusalem over the closure of Masjid Al-Aqsa and imposition of metal detectors, which have led to death of four Palestinians by Israeli soldiers after protests began.

The new security measures at Islam’s third holiest site triggered one of the bloodiest exchanges in recent years.

Occupying Israeli authorities have removed the metal detectors, but said that it will be replaced with “less intrusive” surveillance equipment.

Jordanian police sealed off the Israeli embassy compound and allocated dozens of anti-terrorism police forces.

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