Suspected east London acid attacker hands himself in to the police

John Tomlin has been charged with two counts of GBH with intent

The man identified as the main suspect in a horrific acid attack in east London against two Muslims handed himself in to police yesterday.

Two cousins suffered “life-changing” injuries when acid was thrown on to them through their car windows whilst waiting at traffic lights.

Cousins Reshma Khan (left) and Jameel Mukhtar (right)

Jameel Muhktar, 37, was with his cousin Resham Khan celebrating her 21st birthday before the attack.

John Tomlin, 24, has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm with intent, the Metropolitan Police said.

He walked into an east London police station yesterday afternoon and remains in custody.

Mr Mukhtar and Ms Khan, a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, suffered severe burns to the body and face during the attack Friday 21 June.

Police said they had stopped at traffic lights when a man approached them and threw the corrosive substance at Ms Khan through the window.

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The attacker then threw more of the substance at Mr Muhktar before escaping.

You can watch 5Pillars’ short video looking into the latest acid attacks against Muslims in London.

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