MCB pledges to work with authorities to keep country safe from terrorists

The Muslim Council of Britain says it will initiate a new campaign with mosques to report suspicious activity in order to facilitate a grassroots response to the terrorist challenge. 

Speaking in East London yesterday, MCB Secretary General Harun Khan said Muslims are outraged and disgusted at the “cowards” who had once again destroyed the lives of fellow Britons in the London Bridge attack.

The MCB, which has a large number of British mosques affiliated to it, said it would campaign to urge mosques and associations to increase their vigilance.

“We need to strengthen our mosques, enable our Imams, our youth leaders and others, giving them the tools and know how to relate to young people and deal with the allure of Daesh,” Khan said. “The is not Islam. This is not our Deen. This is not the way of our beloved Prophet.”

Khan added that the MCB would extend a hand of partnership and cooperation to the government and Prime Minister, to work together to keep the country safe.

The MCB leader’s speech is already proving controversial among British Muslim activists because it did not mention foreign policy or the Prevent strategy which has been criticised for targeting the Muslim community.

It followed a speech by the Prime Minister earlier in the day in which she pledged to attack ISIS in Iraq and Syria, as well as promote “British values” and crack down on “Islamist extremism” at home.

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Seven people were killed and 48 were injured in the London Bridge attack on Saturday evening.

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