UKIP pledges to ban the burqa in general election manifesto

Ukip has pledged to ban the burqa from being worn in public in its general election manifesto.

Party leader Paul Nuttall will argue the burqa and niqab is a barrier to social harmony and a security risk as he launches the party’s manifesto this week.

The manifesto will also propose to outlaw Sharia law and make it a legal obligation to report female genital mutilation to police.

Mr Nuttall has denied Ukip’s proposals amount to an “attack” on Muslims.

Peter Whittle, Ukip’s deputy leader, is expected to say that the “established parties are mute either from fear, denial or sheer cowardice” when it comes to the dangers of extremism.

The party’s support has dropped from close to 13 per cent in the 2015 general election to around 7 per cent, according to recent polls.

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