Ethiopian woman falls from building in Kuwait while employer films ordeal

Shocking video footage of an Ethiopian woman falling from a building whilst her Kuwaiti employer watched and filmed the ordeal has gone viral on social media.

The helpless woman was filmed pleading with her employer to save her before falling from the seventh floor of a building in Kuwait.

Clinging on to the window with one hand, the Ethiopian woman cries: “Hold me, hold me!”, while her employer films the ordeal.

The employer is heard saying, “Crazy, come!” but does not help the woman.

It is not known how the woman got into the position.

A moment later, the domestic worker loses her grip on the window and falls from the building which is captured on the phone.

Al Arabiya reports that the woman allegedly landed on a soft roof that cushioned her fall, allowing her to walk away with no serious injuries.

This video was posted on YouTube by Kay On.

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