Pro Palestine protestors slam Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to London

Demonstrators gathered outside Downing St this morning to show their outrage over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to London for talks with his British counter-part Theresa May.

Zionists staged a counter-demonstration, but were drowned out by the stronger pro-Palestine presence.

Protesters argue that the UK government should not welcome nor host Benjamin Netanyahu while he continues to violate international law and is complicit in crimes against the Palestinian people.

Mrs May restated concerns over settlement building in the West Bank, while Mr Netanyahu warned that Iran posed a threat to Europe, after it test-fired a ballistic missile.

Both leaders are increasingly reliant upon close ties with Washington but are uncertain about just where the Trump Administration is heading. Mr Netanyahu wants to consolidate the relationship with Mrs May – who leads one of the more pro-Israeli governments in the EU.

Before Mr Netanyahu’s arrival, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “Theresa May must make clear to the Israeli prime minister that the British government will stand unequivocally behind the rights of the Palestinian people, along with the many who support them in Israel, as well as human rights and justice across the region.”

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SOURCESteve Eason
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