Thousands attend janaza of prominent Sufi Pir Allaudeen Siddiqui

Thousands of people are attending the janaza in Birmingham of the prominent Sufi spiritual leader Pir Alauddin Siddiqui Naqshbandi who passed away yesterday.

The pir was born in Kashmir in 1936 and is known for establishing mosques in London, Birmingham, Peterborough and various other cities around the country. He also launched “Noor TV” to counter the biased views of the mainstream media regarding Islam.

In 2004 Pir Alauddin Siddiqui founded Al-Ehya Trust, now known as Mohiuddin Trust, which is a charity focusing on global issues and the betterment of deprived communities, mainly focusing on the Azad Kashmir region.

The first major project of the Trust was Mohiuddin Islamic University, which is today one of the best educational institutes in the whole of Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Paying tribute to him, the founder of Iqra TV Imam Qasim said: “This is sad moment for many. Not many people know about all of his work. He was not an ordinary Pir Sb. He was visionary for sake of community and humanity. His work in education is exemplary, set up many schools and collages. How many scholars would even think of setting up medical collages, law degrees and so on. His humanitarian work also quite an achievement.”


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