VIDEO: Man takes picture of American Muslim woman in cafe and calls her a “bitch”

Video footage filmed by American Muslim, Asma Elhuni, shows a man called “Rob” who took a photo of her at a cafe in Atlanta, then he goes on to call her a “bitch” and demands to see her green card.

Asma Elhuni posted the video on Facebook with the following statement: “Fight back with your cameras y’all. This is Rob from Detroit. He came in and thought it’s ok to take his camera out and take a pic of me. I asked are you taking pics of me? He said yes. I said why, he said I want to. So I took out my phone and started recording him. spread widely.
racists feel emboldened now.”

This video was posted on YouTube by Pastor Gomez and originally cross-posted from Asma Elhuni’s Facebook.

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