MCB concerned about new US President

The MCB's Harun Khan

The Muslim Council of Britain has issued a statement saying it is “concerned” about the election of Donald Trump.

Harun Khan, Secretary General the MCB, said that the people of the United States “have clearly spoken” and that he congratulated Mr Trump.

However, he added: “There is however, a justifiable concern about his election. It is hugely worrying that a man who has openly called for discrimination against Muslims and other minorities has become the leader of a superpower nation.

“We hope the bombast and rhetoric we have seen from Mr Trump in the last few months gives way to a more reconciliatory approach. The President-elect must demonstrate that his election is not a green light for bigotry for the rest of the world.”

During his election campaign Trump proposed a ban on Muslims entering the United States and he has constantly raised the spectre of radical Islam over the past few years.


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