American Muslims react with dismay to Trump victory

Donald Trump

American Muslims have been reacting with shock and dismay to Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election.  

Moussa ElBayoumi, who heads the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) branch in Kansas, told Al Jazeera that Trump’s win is unsettling due to the anti-Muslim sentiments he expressed during his presidential campaign.

Elbayoumi called on Trump “to respect the United States constitution and the values upon which it is built.” If the new president failed to live up to his duties as a president of all Americans regardless of their racial, religion and national background, Elbayoumi said “CAIR would stand ready to defend the civil liberties of all American citizens, including Muslim Americans.”

Islamic scholar Hamza Yusuf quoted from a sermon from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

“O community of Muslims, roll up your sleeves, for the matter is momentous. Prepare for an imminent journey. Garner provision now as the journey is long. Lighten your loads, for before you is an ascent most steep! Only those traveling lightly shall bear its climb.

“O humanity, before the Hour comes, you will see wonders, vast tribulations, and difficult times. Darkness will prevail, and foulness will take the forefront. Those who enjoin right will be oppressed, and those who condemn vice will be suppressed.

Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf

“Hence, strengthen your faith for that time, and cling to faith as you would clench on for dear life.

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“Flee to righteous deeds, and force yourselves to perform them. Be patient during the difficult times, and you will eventually arrive to eternal bliss.”

And Islamic scholar Yasir Qadhi said he didn’t realize that “he was surrounded by people so completely and totally disenfranchised with the system that, despite the fact many of them might not like racists and bigots, they felt the ‘outsider’ was a better deal than a seasoned insider.”

He said: “This was a vote of the (primarily white) neglected lower and middle class, many of whom might not like the specifics of the Trump persona but were willing to give him a try rather than the in-house candidate.

“Muslims! Remember these Quranic advice:

1) Everything happens by the decree of Allah.

During the Battle of Tabuk:

“Say: Nothing shall befall us except what Allah has willed for us. He alone is our Protector, so in Allah let the believers place their trust.” [Tawbah: 51]

2) Victories and defeats are in cycles – you can’t have one without the other, and typically after one you get the other.

During the Battle of Uhud:

“And these are the cycles that we distribute it between the people” [Ale-Imran: 140]

3) An evil might bring about much good.

The Incident of Hudaybiyya teaches us that Allah uses what appears to be a calamity in mysterious ways.

“And it is possible that you dislike a matter, but Allah places much good in it” [Nisa: 19]

4) Never lose hope, and always be optimistic.

“And do not become weak, nor grieve, for surely you shall be victorious if you believe” [Ale-Imran: 139]

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