Tory MP suggests Islam receives special treatment after Louis Smith suspension

Charles Walker MP

A Conservative MP delivered a speech in the House of Commons yesterday suggesting that Britain does not respect Christianity in the same way it does Islam.

Charles Walker who is the MP for Broxbourne was responding to the two-month suspension of British gymnast Louis Smith after he mocked Islam and Muslims in a video which was leaked online.

Smith has since apologised for the footage, which shows him trying to impersonate Muslims and the Arabic language whilst saying “Allah”.

Speaking in parliament during PMQs, Walker referred to the alleged preferential treatment Islam receives over Christianity.

He said: “When people make fun of Christianity in this country, it rightly turns the other cheek.

“When a young gymnast, Louis Smith, makes fun of another religion widely practised in this country, he is hounded on Twitter by the media and suspended by his association.

“For goodness sake, this man received death threats and we have all looked the other way.

“My question to the Prime Minister is this: What is going on in this country because I no longer understand the rules?”

Prime Minister Theresa May replied that she “understood the level of concern”.

She added: “We value freedom of expression and freedom of speech in this country – that is absolutely essential in underpinning our democracy.

“But we also value tolerance to others. We also value tolerance in relation to religions.

“I think we need to ensure that yes it is right that people can have that freedom of expression, but in doing so that right has a responsibility too – and that is a responsibility to recognise the importance of tolerance to others.”

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