Campaign launched to save London toddler’s leg from amputation

Zahra Zulfigar

A mum from London is attempting to raise £150,000 through a crowdfunding page to save her toddler’s leg from being amputated.

Rehana Qadir has raised over £36,000 so far to pay for an operation in America for her two year old daughter Zahra Zulfigar who was born with the extremely rare condition Fibula Hemimelia (severe lower limb deformity).

Doctors in the UK have concluded that the only option for little Zahra is to amputate her leg from the ankle and due to her condition being so rare they have no treatment available for her.

zahra zufigar 3Rehana Qadir says: “We need to get Zahra to America to save her leg, by the best specialist doctor to operate on her hip, leg and ankle so she can lead a normal life with a normal looking and full functioning leg. We will have to travel to Florida for her treatment and we will not be able to afford the travel, the stay, nor the 7 operations that we have been advised she requires.”

Zahra wears a prosthetic extension leg and cannot walk without it anymore as the length difference between her legs has become so great.

“Zahra is only 2 years and 8 months old and has already been through so much unnecessary pain,” her mother says. “I want to give my daughter the peace and life that she deserves. Being her mother, it is unbearable seeing her suffer on a daily basis.

“To date, Zahra has undergone intensive surgeries on her lower leg and hip on 4 occasions with no positive outcome. Her most recent surgery was SUPER HIP surgery, the most traumatic as doctors carried out the surgery incorrectly and Zahra suffered hugely…

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“Zahra is without doubt a blessing for us. She brings joy to those that meet her. She is a very cheerful, happy and easy going child. I have only came across a few children as loving and giving as Zahra.

“Zahra is a very friendly child and always hides her pain behind her laughs and smiles however as Zahra is growing up, she has started to lose confidence, and feels complexed when she watches her sister and her cousins running around. She wants to join in and play but can’t figure out what’s wrong with her. I am only hoping and praying that I will be able to improve her quality of life. This will not be possible without your help.”

You can learn more about Zahra’s condition and donate to her mother’s campaign here.

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