Maajid Nawaz given his own show by LBC

Maajid Nawaz

So-called anti-extremism campaigner Maajid Nawaz has been given his own show by London’s biggest radio station LBC.

Nawaz, who is widely disliked within the Muslim community, has been hosting his own show since the end of July but not in a regular fixed slot.

Yesterday he announced on his Facebook page that he would be hosting his “LBC radio show Saturday & Sunday 12-3pm UK time on 97.3 FM.”


The move will be seen by many of London’s one million Muslim population as another slap in the face by the broadcaster after it hired the Islamophobe Katie Hopkins to do a regular weekly show. LBC has several other right-wing personalities fronting its shows such as Nick Ferrari, Iain Dale and Ian Collins.

Nawaz is a fringe figure within the Muslim community and is widely blamed by Muslims for contributing towards the rise in Islamophobia against them. In his numerous media appearances as head of the Quilliam Foundation he has taken aim at virtually every mainstream Islamic institution for promoting or not doing enough to root out “Islamist extremism.”

On the other hand, Nawaz is very popular amongst Islamophobes and those who blame Muslims for radicalisation, extremism and terrorism. His organisation used to receive millions from the British government and is now thought to receive funding from right-wing elements within the U.S.

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