Amir Khan supports friend who said deport Muslims who disrespect Britain

Amir Khan

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, former British boxing champion Amir Khan said he agreed with his friend who said that Muslims who criticise the UK should be deported.

Khan spoke out after his mixed martial arts trainer Tam Khan called UK terror sympathisers “uneducated monkeys”.

The MMA fighter told Muslims to “stop becoming militants and extremists” and added: “I think it’s time the British or West deport not only those who speak bad or against the country but the entire family also.

“Islam is a beautiful religion, but these uneducated monkeys misinterpret things and feel they are acting on God’s behalf and it’s only getting worse.”

He was later banned by Facebook for the rant.

But former WBA and IBF light-welterweight champion Khan, 29, passionately defended his friend’s statement.

He said: “He’s right. Everything he said is true. I am proud of being British and anyone who lives here has to have respect whatever your religion. There’s no place for extremism here.”

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Khan has been knocked out three times in his career, and recently lost to Mexican hard-hitter Canelo Alvarez in May.

Amir Khan british armyThe British-born Pakistani is very active in charity work via the “Amir Khan Foundation” and has worked closely with a number of prominent Muslim and non-Muslim charities.

Khan has also done a number of charity fundraisers with the British army, where he has had friendly sparring sessions with soldiers.

In March 2009, Khan paid his respects to soldiers from the Royal Anglican Regiment returning from Iraq who were labelled as “criminals” and “baby killers” by activists belonging to the banned Al Muhajiroun group during a homecoming parade in Luton. 

 5Pillars contacted Amir Khan’s press team for comment and have not received a reply.




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