Muslim MMA fighter who called on radicals’ families to be deported stands by his comments

A British Muslim MMA fighter who told Muslims to stop complaining about the West and called for the families of “those who speak bad of the country” to be deported has stood by his controversial comments.

Tam Khan, who runs a gym in Dubai, wrote a furious Facebook post after a string of terrorist attacks targeted France and Germany in July.

He wrote: “Whatever is going on it’s time we stop blaming others, stop being the victims and blaming the West. We need to fix this epidemic of inbreds from doing these despicable crimes…

“I am fed up of going back to the UK to visit home and see these pricks protest against the government or the army or poppies or flags… It’s England, if they want to fly a flag they bloody well should. If they want to celebrate their army and all they should it’s their country. If you don’t like it leave. I’d love to see these people talk crap in Muslim countries. They would be smashed in second. Locked up and tortured…

“I think it’s time that the British or the West deport not only those who speak bad or against the country but the entire family also. You come to a country to milk the benefit system, free education and health yet complain.”

NINTCHDBPICT000257685298Khan, who is also the boxer Amir Khan’s trainer, was praised by many non-Muslims (including several blatant Islamophobes) for his post, and after he was banned from Facebook “by mistake” his story was even picked up by the right-wing Islamophobic Sun newspaper.

However, several Muslims have pointed out that Khan’s rhetoric showed an infantile understanding of the radicalisation issue which has many causes, including British foreign policy and state and media Islamophobia. Others said that he was attacking the principle of free speech in a democracy and calling for the collective punishment of innocents.

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In further “clarification” comments yesterday, Khan admitted that his post was “very reactionary” and “inflammatory” but was aimed at “a small minority of idiots who are often given a media platform to ridicule Islam and portray the religion and Muslims negatively. The likes of Anjem Choudhury etc.”

He said: “These people do not represent Islam in any way they go out of their way to cause trouble whether for attention or because they truly hold warped beliefs. either way, they and the disgusting murderous terrorists are the reason the world unfairly judges over a billion Muslims negatively. It is always the loudest and most outrageous voices that are given a media platform to speak with that continues to fuel this fire. My post was simply to show people this is not Islam or a representation of Islam. I used the same inflammatory style to voice an opinion.”

However, Khan stood by his deportation comments.

“Yes they should be and when I said entire family my point is if you have a family member that is aware and allows this to continue then surely that is tantamount to ‘aiding and abetting.’ I would like to think I would do my best to stop anyone I know of spreading hate or worse.”

He continued: “Yes there are other reasons some people are prone to brainwashing over others and yes there are issues around foreign policy and the West being seen to invade Muslim countries BUT it doesn’t mean we sit and not do anything. We can make a start in our communities, encourage youth to integrate, provide positive role models etc. Show the world the positive reasons why our faith is strong and follow the footsteps of the example of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH who was persecuted continuously.”

In conclusion he added: “Let’s all, myself included, spend more time praying, donating and doing charitable acts, treat others well, respect elders etc, then watch how people will genuinely see the beauty of Islam. Majority of people are already doing so but it’s time those voices are the ones we hear and not the ‘bad apples’ and only we Muslims can do that.”

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