Groundbreaking report shows religious consensus among British Muslim leaders

Muslims widely oppose Prevent

An independent survey commissioned by 5Pillars has revealed that an overwhelming consensus exists amongst influential British Muslims about their faith.

The survey which was carried out by market research company PCP asked participants to state their level of agreement to 95 statements categorised under twelve subject areas about Islamic beliefs and practices.

The findings were compiled and entitled the ‘Normative Islam Report’, which was published earlier today at the London Muslim Centre.

Out of a list of 352 British Muslim leaders which was submitted to PCP by 5Pillars, 150 completed the survey.

The results have shown that whilst some minor differences and disagreements were apparent, the level of agreement was significantly high amongst all the participants, who came from various theological, sectarian and political backgrounds.

The 95 statements were included in the following 12 topics:

  • Belief in God
  • Prophethood
  • Revelation
  • Islam Law and Consensus
  • Rights of Men and Women in Islam
  • Global Humanity
  • Islamic Governance
  • Freedom and Free Speech
  • Jihad, Extremism and Terrorism
  • Citizenship
  • Race and Sectarianism
  • Environment, Food and Health

Commenting on the report, 5Pillars editor Roshan Muhammed Salih said: “Negative coverage of Islam and Muslims has become increasingly mainstream and socially accepted. A significant degree of responsibility lies with journalists and politicians who perhaps only have a rudimentary understanding of what Islam is and what Muslims believe. I sincerely hope that this report will clear up some misconceptions that have been born out of the disproportionate exposure given to fringe organisations who currently dominate the mainstream discourse.

“The truth is that Muslims can be socially conservative on some issues and this may be difficult for some secular liberals to accept. However, social conservatism should not be conflated with radicalisation, extremism or terrorism. Muslims are more than capable of being loyal and productive citizens of this country while at the same time not compromising their religious beliefs.”

Meanwhile, Dilly Hussain, deputy editor of 5Pillars, added: “For the best part of 15 years mainstream Islamic beliefs and practices have been consistently demonised by the mainstream media and politicians under numerous guises under the war on terror. The fact of the matter is that the topics and statements that were included in the survey are deep rooted in Islamic scripture and Muslims have believed in them ever since the inception of Islam 1400 years ago.

“I hope that this report will serve as a reference point for British Muslims when explaining aspects of their faith, and act as an educational insight for the wider non-Muslim public who Muslims have peacefully coexisted with for decades in this country.”

You can read the executive summary of the report here.

You can download the full report here.

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