Is Anonymous a cover for state sponsored cyber terrorism?

An ‘anonymous Muslim’ poses the question whether the cyber-hacking group ‘Anonymous’ is a cover for state sponsored terrorism.

Dear Anonymous,

After the recent Paris attacks you have targeted Islamic sites on the web, Twitter accounts, anywhere and everywhere you can find them. You have done this by listing sites and twitter accounts to let your minions go to work to take them down.

So I am calling you out, as bigots, xenophobes and tools of “the state”. You have become nothing more than a laughing stock of wannabe revolutionaries having spent so long behind your masks you are no longer able to think for yourselves. The claim you are here to help the lesser man overcome his evil opponents is nothing more than an elaborate rouse to hold onto any fraction of credibility you can. You are the political equivalent of the playground bully, who is not strong or powerful, but acts it because of his own insecurities. You think you fight the good fight but all you do is make fools of yourselves.

You have unilaterally without knowledge been intellectually led by the political elite and the mass media to declare integral aspects of the Islamic faith as intolerable. Attacking sites which speak about them.  Integral parts of our faith which have existed for over 1400 years , which the Prophet of Islam, Mohammad (PBUH) spoke about, ideas which the Quran contains, and values which over a billion people hold onto across the globe. Ideas such as an Islamic political system in the form of a Caliphate – you have somehow become Islamic theologians overnight and decided that the Caliphate is something you are unable to tolerate.

Just to be clear, I do not support ISIS’s “Caliphate”; it is a false state, created to subvert the blessed Syrian revolution and used to justify Western foreign policy in the Middle East. However, the idea of a Caliphate is a part of Islam, by you deciding to declare cyber war on anyone that even mentions the term you are declaring cyber war on Islam. The flags, symbols and banners belong to the Muslims, and you are attacking any site which carries such banners or flags without even checking their content.

You should stop hiding behind the masks and just admit you hate Islam, be open and stop pretending. Admit you are part of the neo-con agenda to subvert the creed, cause and future of 1.6 billion people. You have become what you claim to despise. You have, for want of a better term become the whores of the very people you apparently protect ordinary citizens from. I am in no doubt you are nothing more than an extension of the state apparatus, knowingly or unknowingly, your servitude is to the state.

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If there is any doubt in your minds that you are being  taken for a ride, I quote Euan Lawson, senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), who speaking on Radio 4’s today programme (19/11/2015) said “GCHQ are good at hacking and Anonymous are good at PR” thus describing your symbiotic relationship with the authorities. You do the dirty work for your masters. To quote your hero V “There are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidences”.

As a Muslim and someone who has spent all his working life in the tech industry, I have seen you become the cause celebre of my peers. The tech industry giving one back to “the man” who controls everything bad in this world. But today I have to say I am ashamed by your actions, appalled by your ignorance but ultimately not surprised by your position. I have no choice but to expose your duplicity to as many people as I can.

I have no problem if you take down terrorist websites and Twitter accounts, you might want to start with the accounts of the Western states first, then move onto those of the Syrian regime.

However, you have no right to define my religion for me; you have no right to declare what Muslims can or cannot believe in. Which aspects of Islam Muslims can and cannot speak and debate about. You are targeting everyone, the violent, non-violent, and everything in between. You are not making decisions based on engagement and understanding but by what you see in the mass media. The Twitter feeds of your minions are filled with hateful, sexually derogatory, and offensive language towards Islam and Muslims. Anonymous is meant to be a collective who inspires people; you seem to be inspiring hate. I say again, you have become what you despise.

The cause of the Caliphate is not one of violence, it is one of intellectual and political struggle which has been going on decades before the attacks in Paris and will carry on no matter what. There are men and women in this world who have peacefully and intellectually called for a change in the political system in the Muslim world. They have rallied the people around the idea of a Caliphate only to find themselves imprisoned, tortured and even killed for this cause. Despite all of this, they have never resorted to violence against their oppressors. So the term Caliphate is not synonymous with violence but the name Anonymous is very quickly becoming known for its ignorance.

Yours is an existence in a binary world, a simple narrative where Islamic political activism is centred on violence and murder, but alas, just like your ideological heroes who spy on the masses – you are very wrong. I encourage you to learn and engage and do not make a mockery of yourselves.

However, if you choose not to, just know that the Muslim world will not wait for you to change its history. The change will happen anyway, by you declaring war on the noble values of Islam will not diminish it one little bit. You see real revolutionaries do not hide behind masks; they face their oppressors with the words of truth and an unshakable set of principles. Principles which if you at one time had have long been sold to blinded hatred of Islam fuelled by the media and rubber stamped by the political elite.

I congratulate you on your new found servitude, VIVA LA REVOLUTION.

An anonymous Muslim

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