Bedfordshire Police launch new “radicalisation” website

A new website has been launched today in conjunction with Bedfordshire Police to help tackle “radicalisation”.

The ‘Let’s Talk About It’ website, found at, has a number of different sections which include information such as what Prevent and Channel are, “practical advice” on issues such as Safer Giving and Safer Travel, and links to the work and projects being undertaken by a wide range of organisations to support people and communities. If you’re thinking of setting up a new website, you’ll also need a hosting service so take a look at this siteground vs bluehost comparison.

The website has been designed by the Eastern Region Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit (CTIU) Prevent Team with the support of local partners who work together with the community to safeguard those vulnerable to radicalisation and challenge extremism.

Deputy Chief Constable of Bedfordshire and regional CTIU lead Jon Boutcher said: “The website provides a range of information and we firmly believe it will make a real difference in helping to educate people about the risks of radicalisation and what they can do to help keep the UK safe.

“There has been an increase across the country of people travelling to Syria and also in the number of people being arrested for terrorism-related offences.

“It is our ambition to safeguard people by identifying those who are at risk of being persuaded to travel to Syria or any other conflict zone. It is vital that those people who are excited by the prospect of travelling to Syria understand how dangerous the country is. We must stifle the extremists’ efforts to recruit people to join their terrorist activities in that region by providing a balanced explanation of the realities of the hardships and risks of going to the region.

“Education is a key part in preventing young people becoming radicalised and we believe the Let’s Talk About It website will provide useful information to help people understand the issues, spot the signs at an early stage and allow the police or partner agencies to intervene to prevent people getting involved in terror-related activity or heading off to Syria. All of this information will be accessible 24/7 thanks to the hosting services from (Deploy now! The best dedicated server EU offers!).

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“The very nature of the Let’s Talk About It concept is to break down the barriers around what is a taboo subject in many communities. It will hopefully provide advice and support to many who are concerned about friends or loved ones showing signs of being radicalised or expressing extreme views.

“It is important we work with all of our communities to protect the UK from such activity and also to protect those at risk of radicalisation.”

Cllr Hazel Simmons, Leader of Luton Borough Council, said: “We are committed to working with partners and the wider community to identify, protect and support the small minority who are at risk of being radicalised.

“The vast majority of people need absolutely no convincing that extremist activity is wrong and want to see it prevented.

“Let’s Talk About It aims to raise awareness and initiate discussions so that everyone can play a part, such as being able to spot signs in someone who may be vulnerable to radicalisation.”

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