Primary headmistress sacked after referring to staff as “f***ing Muslims”

Grearies Junior School where Anupe Hanch was headteacher

An Essex primary school headmistress has been sacked after it was found she had referred to staff as “f***ing Muslims.”

The National College for Teaching and Leadership panel found Anupe Hanch, 49, guilty of unacceptable professional conduct at work which resulted in a lifelong teaching ban.

The Independent reports that the panel published its report on Friday, in which it details 10 witness accounts of the former-headmistress’ bullying behaviour towards teachers and pupils.

Hanch, when looking through CVs from Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs), told a member of staff that “if we have any more Muslims around here, it’s going to start looking like Al-Jazeera,” the report said.

She was also found guilty of saying “I’m not going to be like those f***ing Muslims taking a day off for Eid,” referring to staff who wanted time off for holidays, the report revealed. Hanch denied the accusation, saying that such words went against everything she believed in.

The teacher tried to encourage staff and pupils at Gearies Junior School, in Ilford, where she worked for seven years, not to take off religious holidays.

Witnesses described how Hanch regularly treated her colleagues with disrespect and intimidation, and that she shouted and used swear words. In the report, the panel said there was nothing to suggest Hanch’s actions were not deliberate.

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One witness told the panel that when she asked for time off to volunteer at the London Olympics, Hanch said “I’m going to have to break down 5,000 years of Islam to get through to her.”

Gearies Junior school has 696 mixed pupils ages three to 11. It was ranked “outstanding” following its last Ofsted inspection in 2014.

Judge Paul Heathcote said: “In summary Mrs Hanch’s behaviour and actions have included bullying, demeaning and intimidating behaviour, demonstration of intolerant attitudes including to race and belief
and acting dishonestly on more than one occasion, with the potential for serious  professional harm.

“Furthermore her conduct involved NQTs, teaching staff, senior leaders, non-teaching staff at all levels, pupils and parents and continued over a period of 7 years..

“The panel has considered… Mrs Hanch’s actions to be deliberate and whilst she was under pressure to improve performance at the school there is no evidence that she acted under duress.

“The panel have taken account of positive evidence relating to Mrs Hanch’s previously good record and professionalism. I agree with the panel’s recommendation that prohibition is an appropriate and
proportionate sanction.

“Despite the time that has elapsed since the events, Mrs Hanch has shown no remorse and very little insight. I agree with the recommendation that the order should be without the opportunity to apply to have it set aside.
This means that Mrs Anupe Hanch is prohibited from teaching indefi
nitely and cannot teach in any school, sixth form college, relevant youth accommodation or children’s home in England”


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