The Israelification of the UK: Part 2 – The loss of British values

Laura Stuart argues that British values are now dictated by powerful lobby groups such and as the pro-Israel and LGBT lobbies. 

Amongst the most powerful lobby groups in the UK that wield a huge influence on Government policy, are the pro Israel lobby groups and think-tanks such as the Henry Jackson Society and BICOM. I would mention the Quilliam Foundation but the organisation, particularly its leader Maajid Nawaz, have been totally discredited and have no influence within Britain’s Muslim community.

The ‘Friends of Israel’ group of each of the main political parties are also very influential within the parties. On the Wikipedia page on pro Israel lobby groups, I found this interesting piece of information:

The “All-Party Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group” is an All-Party Group[23] registered with the UK Parliament. Its stated purpose is “To create a better understanding of Israel, and to foster and promote links between Britain and Israel”. The current chair is Lord Janner of Braunstone of the House of Lords. Administrative support for the group is provided by the Office of Lord Janner. (2)

The Israeli lobby holds a powerful sway over British public life
The Israeli lobby holds a powerful sway over British public life

This is indeed interesting bearing in mind that Lord Janner (former head of the Board of Deputies of British Jews) is alleged to have sexually abused and sodomised young boys from care homes.

Lord Janner is unable to face trial due to advanced dementia, the details of which are hotly debated in the media.

You can check if your local MP is a member of a parliamentary pro Israel group by checking this list.

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Child abuse

Rather worryingly, what is not being discussed in the media is the fact that since so many of our MP’s and leaders have apparently been involved in the abuse of small boys, that they may have left themselves open to blackmail.

Child abuse by such high profile figures in Westminster is an activity which our own MI5/6 must have known about, and therefore the spies of foreign governments could have known too: how did this leave the abusers open to blackmail and coercion by foreign powers?

This needs to be discussed and investigated bearing in mind some of the allegations against people who were in positions of power which are now being bandied about on social media as having been involved in paedophile rings particularly in Westminster. Who ordered the police to stop investigating these cases over the decades and why?

Who wanted Cyril Smith, Greville Janner and others to remain in positions of power whilst they were so vulnerable to blackmail? Even now I suspect the reason that Janner will not face trial is because of the possibility of him naming others of whom the general public might yet be unaware.

British values

Another result of powerful lobbying is that our leaders want children to be “informed” about LGBT at primary schools. Why have these “British values” changed? I can safely say that homosexuality was not something ever discussed or even thought about when I was at school, even secondary school. The driving force behind the change in what is taught in schools are the hugely powerful LGBT lobby groups who have the ability to influence government policy and our education system too.

What pressure was David Cameron under, and from whom, when he rushed through the Same Sex Marriage Bill, and then later said he regretted doing so?

Now our government wants to make attendance at classes about sex education, including homosexuality and same sex marriage compulsory; so parents no longer have the right to keep their children away from topics, which they may prefer them not to be exposed to, least of all at primary school age.

Free speech is one very obvious casualty of the lobbies, especially with the recent cancellation of the conference in Southampton University titled “International Law and the State of Israel”, we can clearly see that free speech in the UK does not extend to criticism of Israel. Theresa May has promised to continue her crackdown on so called “hate speech” in universities, so we can look forward to more restrictions on our scholars ability to speak about Islam.

Pro Israel lobby groups

Given that the power of the pro Israel lobby is so strong and the donations of pro Israel Jews so generous, it is little surprise to see our political leaders shamelessly grovelling at various pro-Israel events during the year. Please do watch Theresa May performing to her audience at the recent Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel independence day), where she remembers “those who fought and died to protect Israel’s independence” – no mention of the Palestinians who died and had their land stolen from them.

Israel-PalestinejThe descendants of those ethnically cleansed Palestinians are amongst those desperate to make a new life during their exile, who are drowning in their hundreds in the Mediterranean Sea.

We should be alarmed at the reality of who will be the new Foreign Secretary under the new Tory government.

We can expect a pro Israel lobby led crackdown on immigration, particular Muslim immigration.


An article in the Jewish Chronicle last week stated that David Cameron has spoken about the state of Israel’s right to defend itself against “indiscriminate attacks”, something that he does not afford to the Palestinians who are under constant siege, occupation and attack. This led the Israeli media outlet, Haaretz, to publish an article asking the question “Is David Cameron the most pro Israel British Prime Minister ever?

Who cares about the law?

Some countries are prepared to flout international law on a regular basis. Israel is the first state that comes to mind as a regular breaker of international law, and because of our British politicians being on their knees to the lobbies, the UK and other countries are not likely to hold Israel to account.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Where is justice these days? More surprising is that Australia is willing to ignore international law, and Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been advising our government on how to deal with refugees, advising them to turn their boats away to ensure no migrants reach European shores and claim asylum!

Similar in mentality is the recent appearance of anti-homeless spikes, which have appeared in our shopping centres to deter rough sleepers. I suppose if you use force to deny boats the opportunity to land in Europe, then you have solved the problem ?

Haaretz had this very enlightening report on how Europe is following the Israel’s lead on how to deal with immigrants and matters of national security. Israel congratulates itself on managing to round up African asylum seekers and putting them in concentration camps, awaiting deportation, and by their building of a massive fence along the Sinai to keep any more “infiltrators” from getting in.

Hold firm to the rope of Allah

Muslims need not despair. We need to be confident in Islam and actively engage in the promotion of the religion as a comprehensive way of life and a holistic belief system. Rather than allowing ourselves to feel inhibited by the demonisation of Muslims in the media, we need to engage in society at every level from joining parent-teachers associations in schools, to interacting more with those who influence Government policy.

We understand what is taking place in our society and around us by reading and understanding the Qur’an. Nothing that is happening to the Muslim community in 2015 or about the perpetrators of oppression is new, it happened to the previous Muslim communities too.

The best thing for us to do, is to immerse ourselves in reading and understanding the Qur’an and Sunnah, which will soften our hearts and protect ourselves from sins.

We must abstain from activities that harden our hearts, such as engaging in the temporary pleasures of materialism and consumerism, which have become almost a new religion for many in the western Capitalist society.


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